Sunday, 3 May 2009

Places to munch in East-Central, North & South London

Updated: Skewerz has closed

Our views on the places for halal munch in London - sorted by area. East-Central, North, and South London are covered in this entry. 'Proper' East London and West London will be covered in a separate entry inshaAllah. Guide prices include starters, drinks, and sometimes dessert...

East-Central London (E1 & Square Mile)
  • Baraka Eatery. Indian, Bangladeshi & Mediterranean (but stick with the Indian & Bengali dishes). In the East London Mosque/London Muslim Centre complex. Good food and great service at a decent price, around £15-20 per head. Leave space for the gulab jamun with ice cream. Click through for menu, address, etc.
  • Haz. Turkish. Two locations, the first - Premier Place - is in the City of London just a few minutes walk from Liverpool Street station. Good food, though you'll pay City prices. They also have an odd seating arrangement - they have a number of long tables, so other people may well be sat on your table when it's busy (e.g. evenings). Click through for menu, address, etc.
  • Tayyabs. Pakistani/Punjabi. Reasonable food and cheap - about £15 per head all-in. They quite possibly have the best 'proper' mango lassis in London. Very busy though, you're lucky to get a table if you don't book in advance, and it's choc-a-bloc even when you do. Click through for menu, address & other details.
  • Maedah Grill. Turkish. Decent food, and fantastic desserts. Nice creamy mango lassi won't go amiss either. Around £15-20 per head. Click through for menu, address, etc.
North London - Holloway
  • Crystal Charcoal Grill. Turkish. If you take into account the low cost - under £10 per head eating in - it's probably the best Turkish place in London. The kebabs are better than Maedah Grill, but don't expect the same service or desserts though. Even cheaper if you take away (around £5 per head). Address: 522 Holloway Road, London, N7 6JP. Tel: 020 7281 2846.
South London - Tooting
  • CoffeeMax. Italian. Don't let the name fool you - this place is not just for coffee. The meals are amazing, and the dessert is even more amazing. The best halal Italian place in London (I'd say it was the best Italian full stop, but obviously we've only tried vegetarian at other Italian places). You'll pay for this excellence though, about £20 per head (probably more with dessert, milkshake, etc). But it's worth every penny. Click through for menu, address, etc.
  • Chicken Cottage. Fried and, er, (at least partially) grilled chicken. Guilty pleasures on a budget. On the same street (as CoffeeMax) but at the other end of the scale; under £5 per head. Address: 38-42 Upper Tooting Road, London, SW17 7PD. Tel: 020 8767 9229.


  1. Salaam, there are now hundreds of halal eateries , although only a handful that prohibit alcohol on the premises - Maida Grill, Sahara Grill, Nandos, Tinsel Town, But one of the best developments is online ordering from halal restaurants in London

  2. Salam
    Alhamdulilah a lot of places to eat halal in and around London. More are coming up, its a booming business. Other EU countries with muslim population dont have the same, so it is great that we are leading the way!

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