Saturday, 11 February 2012

More cheap places to munch around London

This post has been sitting here for years unfinished - so thought I'd just post it. The halal world has got a zillion times better since, with better but far more expensive places serving halal food - a new post is coming up.

Central London - Drummond St
  • Ravi Kebab. Pakistani. Great food at low cost, around £10 per head.
  • Ravi Shankar. South Indian Vegetarian. Yes, it's vegetarian, but it's actually pretty good. Around £10-15 per head.
West London - Edgware Road
  • Bake & Cake. Lebanese. It looks like a coffee & cake place but is actually a full (and good) service Lebanese restaurant too. The strawberry milkshake tastes like real strawberries. Not expensive either, £10-15 per head.
  • Beirut Express. Cheap & self-service, but great Lebanese food. If you can do early mornings, come here for breakfast - it's lovely. Around £10 per head.
  • Maroush restaurant chain. Lebanese. There are a few scattered around Edgware Road (and a few more in the Kensington/Knightsbridge area). Effectively a full service and slightly upmarket version of Beirut Express (owned by the same people). Menus are nearly identical at all of them, i.e. the same good food you get at Beirut Express, but pricier. Service is 'ok' (you might be lucky and catch them in a good mood, but don't go there if warm service is important to you). Around £20 per head.

South-West London (Bayswater & Kensington)
  • Alounak, Westbourne Grove. Persian. Around £15-20 per head.
  • C&R, Westbourne Grove. Calls itself Malaysian but has dishes from all over South East Asia. And they serve iced Milo and milk tea. Around £15-20 per head.
  • Nando's, Westboune Grove. Grilled chicken Portuguese-style. Around £10-15 per head.
  • Beirut Express, South Kensington (near the station). The swankier, Kensington version of the cheapo Edgware Road one. Part of the Maroush chain yet service is surprisingly decent. Around £20 per head.